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Harrachov is one of the most known centre for winter and summer recreation in Giant Mountain. Harrachov is situated in the valley of river Mumlava. The original village was established in 17th century and at the beginning of the 18th century was named after count Harrachov. Harrachov became to be town in 1973. Village has well known glass tradition. Glass works from 18th century made Harrachov well known all the world around. In the village is glass, mining and ski museum. Open from Monday till Friday from 9am till 5pm, and from Saturday and Sunday from 9am till 1pm, forestry and hunting exposition are open daily from 9am till 12am and from 1pm till 5:30pm.
Important is also galleried church and chapel of St. Alžběta.
Town is the important tourist and sport resort. Villages Nový Svět and Rýžoviště were connected to Harrachov in the beginning of 20th century. Ski resort includes lot of skiing trails and lifts. Resort has playground for ball games, tennis, golf, minigolf and else. Border to Poland. Chair lift to Čertova hora – open daily from 8am till 6pm. Zákoutí is quiet part of Harrachov with beautiful nature and tennis courts, climbing wall, children playground.
Tourist important place – Mumlavský waterfall, St, Jan and else.

Harrachov - Web:
City Information Centre - Harrachov 150, 51246 Harrachov, tel.: 481 529 600, e-mail:
Mining museum - museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 10am till 18pm, Web:
Sport resort Harrachov - ski country cross trails and ski lifts, Web:


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Mountain Čertova hora from Harrachov
Waterfalls of Mumlava near the Harrachov



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